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Dementia Carers

This FREE event is for carers of people with dementia and professional who supports carers in Cardiff & the vale.

To attend the training you must register through eventbrit, please click here 

These workshops are supported by the Dementai Friendly Communities Small Grants Fund Via CAVAMH and the Cardiff and Vale Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership.

Our Carer Champions within MHM Wales are:

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Michaela Moore

Claire Davies

- Our Dementia Carer Friendly Service Committment -

We will continue to recognize that caring is an important issues that affects our staff, volunteers and service user/customers.

We will actively work to ensure that our: staff, volunteers, service users and the wider public understand who carers are and issues they may face.

We will raise awareness of who are and offer traing to our staff about the issues carers may face and the support available to them.

We will nominate carers champions who will be a point of contact for carer within the workplace. The carers champion will be allocated time within their working hours to ensure that up to date information is available for carers and to represent carers to give them a voice within the service.

We will ensure that good quality information and support is availiable to carers within our workplace. All staff will have some responsibility for this.

We will consider carers when implementing policies and procedures throughout the service.

We are delighted to be the first charity within our region to receive the Carer Friendly Silver Award.

The award highlights our work and the committment we show to unpaid carers 

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MHM Wales is providing free Activity Packs for people with early on set of dementia. 

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For more information on our Peer Support Group, please download our leaflet

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