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The effects of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown(s) have already highlighted an increase in the deterioration of many individuals’ who have existing mental health conditions, this deterioration of individuals’ mental health is not just limited to the those already known to services but has also had a detrimental effect upon many individuals who have never accessed mental health services, both with the third sector and secondary care services.

The Community Crisis Liaison Support Workers will be a person centred preventative support service working alongside the Crisis Team Secondary mental health service and Wellbeing Retreat. The CCLSW service will be a merged service integrated within Cwm Taff Morgannwg Health Board and Third Sector creating a liaison Service.

Our service is designed to provide a befriending and support to people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs focusing on improving mental health and physical wellbeing offering a safety net and empower them to engage within their community creating a network of support.

Those who may benefit from the CCLSW service include people with mild or long-term mental health problems, people with complex needs, people who are socially isolated and those with multiple long-term conditions who frequently attend either primary or secondary health care

 The CCLSW will provide the following:

  • Support individuals who have a tendency to disengage with services and experience frequent relapses and hospital admissions. Our team will connect people with community support, which responds to the key causes of mental health issues including finance, employment and housing advice to enable people to build on their own strengths and capabilities with a safe network of support thus reducing social isolation.


  • Work with individuals who are recovering from mental illness and need support to achieve positive outcomes in relation to ongoing recovery and support via befriending and supporting individuals in daily activities. The CCLSW will support people who are currently involved with the crisis and/or who have been referred on discharge in the order to support ongoing recovery.


  • The CCLSW service would aim to provide the best outcomes as possible, by working in partnership with the third sector, public sector and community groups via creating clear and direct pathways and supporting them including but not limited to Mental Health Matters Wales, Hafal, Platfform, Police and Assist the Recovery in the Community.


  • Support individuals in the community who have accessed a place of safety such as the Wellbeing Retreat and/or wish the Crisis Team based in Bridgend. This could include individuals who experience a mental health crisis whereby their actions, feelings, and behaviours can lead to them hurting themselves or others, and/or put them at risk of being unable to care for themselves or function in the community in a safe and healthy manner

Who can access the service?

Individuals with mental health related issues and who have a tendency to disengage with services and experience frequent relapses and hospital admissions.

Where it will be delivered?

The service will be delivered within the county borough of Bridgend