Independent Professional Advocacy

The First port of call:

  • If you need help to be heard
  • help to understand social services
  • or if you feel you're not getting the right support tp stay independent

We'll help you get to the right social service, make sense of your options and understand your situation, having someone to speak for you and to advocate on you behalf.

Contact Bridgend Voice & Choice on freephone:

      0808 801 0330

Please note: you must be 18+ and reside in the borough of Bridgend to access this service

If you need support with any of the following:

  • Understanding how social services operates
  • talking with professional about your situation
  • knowing what options are availible to you
  • knowing what your rights are
  • making decisions that are right for you
  • speaking up if you are not happy

Contact us on: 

    0300 10 249 70


or download the relevant referral form located below.

Please note: you must be 18+ and reside in the borough of Swansea to access this service

The Independent Professional Advocacy (IPA) Service is available to those entering into or already engaged with Social Services, and is accessible when a person can only overcome the barrier(s) to participate fully in the assessment, care & support planning, review & safeguarding processes with assistance from an appropriate individual, but there is no appropriate individual available.

The Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 sets out requirements for local authorities relating to advocacy under Part 10 (and related parts). Advocacy ensures that individuals have a voice, choice, and control over their lives.

For more information on the ACT please click here:

Bridgend IPA

Contact bridgend voice & choice who will support you over the phone.

Swansea IPA

Please click on the below link to download our referral forms

Mental Health Matters Wales

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