MHM Wales has a range of volunteering opportunities

to suit your availiabilty or skill level.

Volunteering with us will help you to gain valuable experience. you'll receive free training, have your 'out of pocket' expenses paid, and make new friends

We currently require volunteers for our below services:

Wellbeing & Therapuetic Support

- Specific Volunteer Roles -

Activity Co-orinator


Art Facilitator 


Floral Designer 






Peer Support 






Yoga & Mindfulness 



Please contact us on:

01656 767045


    Wellbeing Hubs        Therapuetic Support 

Friendship Group         Peer Support Groups

Counselling Volunteers   Sessional Volunteering

Why volunteers come to Mental Health Matters Wales?

    To learn new skills or develop existing ones.


    To give something back to their local community.


    Inspiration to look for a new challenge or career change.

Wellbeing & Friendship groups

Our Wellbeing hubs & Friendship groups are drop-in centres that provide a social outlet to anyone experiencing mental or emotional wellbeing difficulties.

A range of activities take at out centres, including workshops, music, sport, art and crafts and a number of annual celebrations.

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Counselling Volunteers

A Counselling is a talking therapy thay enables a person to find their own answers. Counsellors and clients work together to explore diferent ways of dealing with situations. 

We have a number of student placements available for anyone working towards degree level or equivalent. 

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Therapuetic support

We require volunteer to support us with our therapuetic support services based in cardiff.

Volunteers will support patients with demantia and other cognitive impairment within a numner of hospital settings in cardiff  

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Sessional Volunteering

If you have a particular set of skills that can be used to enhance the expereince of our Wellbeing Hubs, Peer Support or Friendship group attendees, you can become a sessional volunteer and share your knowledge

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Volunteering Application

To apply for one of our volunteer positions, please complete a volunteer application form and return by email to:


or by post to:


MHM Wales

Quarella Road


CF31 1JW

If you wish to discuss any opportunity or require

support in comleting your volunteering application,

please call our volunteer coordinator, Michelle

Williams on 01656 767045

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